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Bus Conversions and Coach Conversions FAQs

1. Can you help with a starting point for a bus conversion?

No problem, we have vast experience and will guide your enquiry through step by step. There are no such things as stupid questions.

Our first suggestion is to create a “wish list” and send it to us. We will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Things to consider.

  • Single deck bus?
  • Double Deck Bus?
  • Coach? Bendy Bus?
  • Classic Bus?

2. Operating location?

This will help us guide you through, “London Emissions Zone” Speeds the bus is allowed to travel, length of bus for rural locations, fuel and service stations, to name a few.

3. Operation, what do you intend to use the bus for?

This will help us guide you to the correct type of bus. In layman terms, if the bus is to be used for any form of hire or reward, it must be fitted with a Tachograph and Operate within an Operating Licence environment, don’t panic, we can help you here.

Play Buses are still under government review, so as we understand these buses are exempt from the Operator’s licence, see www.workingonwheels.org

Any bus that is to be used for Educational purposes is exempt from MOT and Operation Licences- BUT we still recommend you service and inspect the vehicles as if they were.
If you intend to carry less able people we need to consider this.

4. What can we fit into the bus?

Most buses will carry 35 to 75 people, so they are designed to carry weight.

5. Do we have any buses for sale?

We do not hold any buses in stock, but we recommend Ensign Bus see www.ensignbus.com They are the largest dealer of buses and predominantly London Buses.

Important factors why Ensign and London Buses

Ensign have a vast stock, and operate buses, so they know their buses. London buses have to be maintained at a higher rate than anywhere in the country , London Emission Zone etc

And it hardly snows in London, which means London Buses are less likely to have corrosion from the salt and water on the roads.

6. We have a bus, how do we get it to you?

We have a collection facility from anywhere in the country, our drivers are professional and fully licensed, should your vehicle have no current MOT or Tax we are able to collect for repair using our trade plates, full insurance and national breakdown recovery.

7. How long to do a bus conversion?

Converting buses is our business we can give you and time line with your estimate, our converted buses take between 8 to 12 weeks, start to finish.

8. How much is a used bus or new bus?

This very much depends on your requirement, you can grab a bargain at £3000.00 and a new one at over £150,000.00. Usually a used bus for conversion will price between £8,000 and £35,000.00

9. Do I get a warranty with the bus?

No, there are no warranties offered with used bus purchase

10. What warranty do you have for the fixtures and fittings?

We will pass all manufacture warranties to you and offer a 12 month back to base warranty on all of our work.

11. How will I know it is a good bus?

Ensign Bus are prepared for you to have an independent inspection before purchase, and we can take care of the rest.