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181119aSEC are top of the league!

The SEC Works Group are always keen to support their local community & Faversham Strike Force football club have recently benefitted from their generosity. Not only have SEC Signworks sponsored the first team who play in the Kent County League, but the Group have also produced a stunning display case for all the club’s trophies. This cabinet was designed and fabricated by our carpenter, and then the finishing touches were added by our trim department. With Perspex doors and shelves produced by Gordon Engraving & signage created by SEC Signworks this was a great team effort of our own!

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181012aTrue Blue

Back in March 2017 we reported on a conversion for Tantivy Blue Coach Tours from Jersey. At that time we converted a single-decker into an open-top sightseeing bus.

This summer they asked us to carry on the good work on another of their buses. Tasks this time included moving seating in order to create a boot space and a new emergency exit, before installing a new seating area at the rear.

After the flooring and electrics had been updated the exterior of the bus was painted in the Tantivy trademark blue.

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180912Something’s cooking at the Coachworks

Back in April this year we showed you RM 2531 arriving at the Coachworks ready for work to begin. For the last four months a team of coachbuilders, carpenters & upholsterers have been busy turning this bus into a mobile restaurant for Brigit’s Afternoon Tea. The lower deck is being kitted out with a fully fitted kitchen, complete with sinks, fridges, worktops, cupboards and a cooker. The upper deck will be a fully air conditioned dining area complete with mini bar. As you can see this project is progressing well. Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates in future newsletters! For a while this bus was joined in the workshop by its sister vehicle RM 191 which came in for some internal & external repairs & a general spruce-up.

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180810I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want...

... to see the Spice Girls’ bus back at the Coachworks 21 years after it was originally here! Back in 1997 the Coachworks team converted this 1978 British Leyland Bristol for its appearance in the Spice World movie.

At the time the bus attracted a lot of attraction from passers-by and this year history has been repeating itself. After spending the last 4 years in a marina on the Isle of Wight the bus returned to the Coachworks this summer. With the Spice Up! Exhibition opening in London at the end of July the bus was in need of some TLC to restore it to its former glory.

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180504Spring is in the air

Back in November last year we introduced you to this RML 2505 belonging to Lady in Red Productions Ltd. At that time she came in for a general spruce-up including bodywork repairs & painting, some parts replacement and an MOT. Now here she is in fine form and full working order about to head out on the road on a glorious spring morning. What a difference a few months makes!

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180419Ready, steady go.

Let it snow, let it snow.

The Beast From The East will not stop these four B Bakery Routemasters from servicing the visitors to London. Watch out for the next exciting B Bakery conversion for something new. Go to www.b-bakery.com for more information.

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