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Night Time Economy & Community Bus

This bus is to be used to provide assistance to the night-time economy by providing a safe haven & medical assistance to revellers. It will also be put to great use in education during the day.

There is an awning on the exterior of the bus will allows more space for presentation & activities, while staying out of the sun or the rain.

The lower deck is fitted with wipe clean walls and surfaces and has a a lockable treatment room with couch & locking cupboards for quick treatment when needed. There is also a toilet. There is a Wellpoint Interactive Health Centrebehind secure doors that can measure: Blood pressure Heart rate Weight Body mass index (BMI) Body fat composition These measurements give a good gauge of overall health. There is also.

On the upper deck there is an LCD TV with seating for viewing films & documentaries in the rear. A small LCD TV to the front shows the security cameras, with the kitchen area having a fridge and microwave. There are also lockable cupboards for storing anything required.