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St John Ambulance Servicing

We provide a professional support & servicing to St John Ambulance Service in the South East.
All mechanical work and maintenance is carried out in our workshops in Kent, with a 24 Hour Call out Service.
Any new graphics, Decals & Livery are supplied and installed by our Sign Department.


"St John Ambulance is committed to making sure that anyone that needs it has access to first aid care.

To ensure help is available when it’s most needed, our volunteers and employees play a crucial role in directly delivering first aid care in the communities.

We provide professionally trained and equipped personnel at thousands of public events every year, from major sporting fixtures and music festivals to fetes and local fairs. We also work alongside the statutory services, administering life saving care to members of the public and supporting communities in times of emergency.

We know that when our first aiders are called on to act, a life could be on the line. That’s why it’s vital that we offer them all the support they need to deliver the best possible care to the public.

The high quality of clinical practice and safety of our service delivery was demonstrated in 2011 when we achieved Care Quality Commission registration. During 2011, we also developed a new set of national policies and standards governing fleet management and driving, ensuring consistently safe, legal and effective use of our wide ranging fleet.

Throughout East Sussex and Kent, South East Coachworks provides a convenient and friendly one stop service, from MOT testing to livery, ensuring that our fleet not only reaches but exceeds regulatory standards. Our vehicles, which include ambulances, mobile treatment centres and 4 x 4s, are also able to benefit from an out of hours provision meaning that we can always provide the highest level of service to our patients no matter what time of day it is.

As the nation’s leading first aid charity, everything we do works towards a single goal and we value our partners in helping us to achieve this – ensuring that wherever and whenever a first aid emergency occurs, someone is equipped with the skills to be the difference. The difference between a life lost and a life saved."

Andy McAllister
District Manager, Kent and East Sussex, St John Ambulance